Handwoven Collection

With my handwoven ranges of scarves I concentrate on using combinations of natural materials including a fine silk, linen, merino and lambswool in different patterns and textures.

Scarves for men and women

Design work

Inspiration comes from a great many sources. Living and working in London there are many textures and patterns in my urban environment that translate well into weave structures and patterns. 

Rural landscapes; in particular coastal regions, have always been a rich source of textures along with past travels abroad. 

The work of artists past and present can often be a starting point for the colour pallet of a warp.

The flexibility of handweaving

With hand weaving I can change the pattern and the weft colours I weave across it from scarf to scarf; so that each scarf, though it comes from the same warp, has a different yarn, colour and or pattern; making each one individual. 

It still amazes me, and I love to see how changing one or two colours in the weft can bring a whole different balance to the colours in a scarf. 

I design each new warp with a different set of colours and stripe proportions, which I don’t repeat; making them one-off.

High twist

A weaver friend once described me as a technical weaver, because I love to experiment with weave structures and materials to see what I can do with them. 

Over the years this has led me to weave with a range of materials from wire to horsehair often combining them with high twist yarns. 

I am fascinated with the effects that can be created with fine high twist wool yarns. The yarn is over spun and contains an energy; constantly wanting to double back on itself.  

The scarf is woven flat but when it is taken off the loom and washed the extra twist is released creating lengthways pleats. The pleats are then permanent. The amount the scarf pleats depends on the structure of the weave.

The range of scarves woven on the same silk warp

Silk Scarves

Woven in 100% fine silk these scarves are beautifully soft and light. 
The coloured stripes are more vibrant on one side of the scarf and muted on the other.

Silk & Merino Scarves

These scarves are woven on the same silk warp as the silk scarves but with a fine merino weft. 
These scarves are slightly heavier than their silk counterpart and beautifully warm. 

Collapse Scarves

The collapse scarf can be woven on either the Helix warp or the silk warp but with a fine high twist wool weft. 
As with most of my hand woven scarves I have woven a plain silk boarder at each end which in these scarves naturally flairs out.

Helix Scarves

These scarves are named after the twisting, spiraling pattern created by combining two weave structures together. 

I weave these scarves usually on a silk and linen warp and then weave linen and merino in stripes across. 

The linen gives the scarf a light and slightly crisp feel which is great in warmer weather.

Orchard Flowers Warp

Looking for spring/summer colours for this warp I took my inspiration from some painting of orchards by Gustav Klimt.

models: Kasia Bober & Eli Ellwood 
 photographer: James Champion
hair & makeup: Amanda Oliver

Handwoven Scarves

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