A New Journey

A New Journey

As indicated in my previous post I have embarked upon a new direction in my textile practice and which represents a step-change in my work. I have long wanted to spend more time concentrating on my artwork but weaving handwoven scarves in time for shows and events where I can sell them takes just too much time for this to be possible for all but a few pieces here and there. What I wanted was to devote time to developing and experimenting with ideas which means weaving samples and exploring possilble materials and how they react with each other in weaving. A time consuming if enjoyable process. 

Following the pandemic I made the decision not to weave handwoven scarves any more but to devote this time and energy to developing ideas for artwork.

An enduring theme to these explorations since completeing my MA in Texiles in 2003 has been rock formations and the folds and shaping of rock by forces deep with the earths crust which are then eroded away over time. Where best to see this than the coast. So I chose my location and went out sketching and walking and exploring it. The cliffs at Seaford and the walk over part of the Seven Sisters towards Cuckmere Haven was the place I chose. 

Taking the train down with a friend we took rubbings of the rocks and sketched and then walked a five or so mile walk over the cliffs and back to the station. It was a beautiful day and the tide was fully out. I plan to go back and see it at different times of year and tides and doubtless weather.

Back in my studio and with the start of a collection of paperwork I am brimming with ideas for pieces I want to weave. I have also been experimenting with paper yarns and the high twist yarns I have used for many years. I want to use the energy of the high twist in a similar way to the forces within the earths crust to control and shape layers of different yarns starting with paper yarns.

With conversations and guidance; challenging and encouraging me from Caroline Bartlett; my mentor (see Cockpit Textile Prize post for how this came about) I hope to develop this aspect of my work, producing pieces on an ongoing basis, that chart the progress of this journey and landscape. I also plan to use this journal to document my progress.

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