In this short film made by R&A Collaborations we show the whole process from making a warp and the various stages of setting up a loom through to weaving. The piece I was weaving at the time was one of a set of scarves from my 'Helix' range in silk, linen and merino.

Art-Led Work

Most recently I have returned to making art-led pieces inspired by repeating shapes and stripes in compositions. I have stretched these wall pieces over deep canvases.

Scarf Collections

Handwoven Collection 

I weave a range of scarves in different patterns and textures, concentrating on natural materials including a fine silk, linen, merino and lambswool. 

With hand weaving I can change the pattern and the weft colours I weave across it from scarf to scarf; so that each scarf, though it comes from a warp of about 8 scarves, has a different yarn, colour and or pattern; making each one individual.

Mill Woven

In recent years to compliment my handwoven scarves I also have a range of scarves woven in collaboration with a small mill in the west of Wales. These are woven in small batches and a range of colourways. 

What people say


"A wonderful use of colour and texture and drape"    Caitriana  

"Beautiful and functional"   Francoise


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